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I am a freelance writer, author, and content creator for traditional and new media. Currently hard at work on my Aeonlith Saga fantasy series as well as writing for several blogs which you can find below.


The Keystone Staff - BookAeonlith Saga Book 1: The Keystone Staff

The Aeonlith powered the magick abilities of the Wardens for centuries.

Kera is just a young Warden working in the Citadel’s library when the High Council orders her to accompany Jorthen deep into rival territory to find a powerful holy relic. Tensions run high but when they charter a merchant airship to smuggle them across the Disc Sea, she’ll begin to unravel secrets as their covert trip threatens to cause an all out war.




Personal Blog – My personal home on the internet.

Doddle – A production app for filmmakers and film news site. I cover pop culture news, filmmaking technology, film reviews, and how-to tutorials.

Rumdul Media – A web design & development agency. I cover social media and online marketing.

Aggressive Comix – A pop culture community. Editor and I cover science and technology as well as co-host a podcast.

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