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The 15 Richest People in Human History

Money may not buy you happiness but everyone has dreamed of being rich at some point in their lives. Many points in their lives if we’re being honest. The ability …

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The Watches Worn By 15 Of The Most Powerful Men In Business

Watches are big business. Which is probably why the titans of big business love watches. Despite being rendered practically useless by smartphones, many of the most powerful men in business …

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15 Crazy Business Ideas That Somehow Actually Worked

Many businesses succeed because they’re a simple but brilliant idea. Other businesses succeed because they fill a niche that no one else thought of filling. It takes a brilliant mind, …

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Using Smart Goals to Create Your Business Plan

Almost every business needs a business plan in order to succeed but most people don’t know where to start and that can be daunting. Some entrepreneurs just decide to skip this part altogether but a recent Panal Study of Entrepreneurial… Continue Reading →

The One Key to Improve Your Online Sales

Many businesses that try to make a profit online seem to be hard pressed to make a decent income even if they have a large email list or social following. Even if you’re driving enough traffic and have an excellent… Continue Reading →

How To Post On Social Media for Maximum Results

Any small business owner entering the social media arena will eventually be struck with paralysis over how to run their profiles. Coming up with content is difficult enough but how much posting is too much… or too little? When should… Continue Reading →

Design Trends for 2015

Design is the art of effectively communicating with people in a visual language via the use of image, space and type. But like every other visual media, it tends to follow industry trends and what might have been in fashion… Continue Reading →

MIT Media Lab Rebrands With All New Logos

Just a few short years ago in 2011, the MIT Media Lab changed its logo on their 25th Anniversary with a revolutionary concept promoting the idea of being on the cutting edge of where design meets technology. Richard The and… Continue Reading →

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